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AM & PM Devotional & Prayer Circles:

Every morning we seek a blessing as we join with friends via Google+ "hangout" to seek God.  We read a devotional for the day, comment on the thoughts God brings to mind and then we pray for whatever is on our hearts.  This is indeed a blessed way to start the day!  Join a small online prayer group by providing contact information and we will add you to either the  7:00AM or 9:00PM daily "hangout".  We also provide a conference call option. 

We realize this is not for everybody but if your interested in being a part of a small group without the expense of time or travel why not consider this alternative. 

      For additional detail: 

    1. ​We have shared a short instructional video:  
    2. For more on what hangouts are all about you may wish to visit: 

This is a connection tool that’s easy, fast, user-friendly and highly accessible. 
Google Hangouts may become one of the best tools in your online content toolbox.

Picture a Google Hangout as an online gathering place where you can facilitate a virtual chat with nine of your closest pals. Then, imagine you can invite the entire world to take part in your conversation.

Or if you’d rather keep things private, you can have personal conversations, too.

Getting started with your own Hangout
Want to start your own Hangout? Just visit

From the Hangout home page, you can make sure your microphone and camera are working correctly, invite other people to your Hangout, and enable a live broadcast of your chat by enabling “Hangouts on Air.” Remember that everyone who wants to join your Hangout must be signed in to a Google account in order to participate.
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