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AM & PM Devotional & Prayer Circles:

Every morning & evening we seek a blessing as we join with friends, both new and old, via Skype (865) 329-PRAY to seek God anew.  We read a devotional for the day, comment on the thoughts God brings to mind and then we pray for whatever is on our hearts.  This is indeed a blessed way to start or end the day!  

For those interested in joining or forming a similar small online prayer group we invite you to listen in by calling our Knoxville, TN Skype number (865) 329-PRAY or otherwise contact us. 

7:00 -7:20AM or 8:30-8:50PM

(Eastern Standard Time)

via SKYPE or phone.

      For additional detail: 

  1. ​We present a short instructional video:  

Perhaps you have either participated in this or a similar prayer circle? We invite you to share your comment or suggestion.

Linden Lawrence
2014-01-20 6:39 AM

Since posting this article a couple of weeks ago, we have been blessed with regular and occasional visitors from Arizona, Tennessee, New York and Jamaica.  Our lives have been enriched by their comments and prayers as we have joined together in "Lifting Up Jesus"  John 12:32

Linden Lawrence
2014-01-31 9:42 PM

Thanks to all who joined in our 9pm prayer "hangout" circle this evening. What a blessing!

April Beckwith
2014-02-03 7:46 AM

I just wanted to say that when I join this devotional weather it be in the morning or night, I recieve a great Blessing...I have gotten to know some really great people and I feel they are a part of my family...May God continue to Bless this group and I pray it will grow and grow. 

Linden Lawrence
2014-02-03 8:57 AM

Thank you both for the special touch that you each bring to our devotional time.   As the size of our group ebb and flows, we are pleased that others are blessed.  Our prayer is that several hundred circles of prayer, may be initiated and that each new circle will be blessed.  

Kris Beckwith
2014-02-03 8:01 AM

It is a true blessing meeting with brothers & sisters in Christ. On Google+, is communitys & if folks are interested, they can join the SDA Community up on there. it is a community of Christians sharing Christ.

Marilyn Lawrence
2014-02-04 8:48 AM

I love the joining of hearts and minds that happen when we come together. Distances fade, and we feel as if we are knit together by the Spirit of God, who is love. I am so thankful to God for every person who has joined this group. April is right, we are family! I am so glad to be part of the family of God!

Marilyn Lawrence
2014-11-03 8:59 AM

The beauty of this custom is that it grows more and more special as time passes. Each person on our call holds a very special place in my heart and I hear the same is true with others. I praise God for giving us the privilege of small group from our computer! Just imagine the possibilities!