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Featured Misssion Projects for 2015  

Simply City Mission - Feburary

  Roane Community is passionate about missions!  This is evident not only by our offerings but also those who have left from our doors and are now  active in mission fields.  Kathy Quedzuweit is currently in Jamaica with Amazing Facts, Sean and Brenda Mays are currently in Albania, others who have returned from short term initiatives in Africa and India and are currently active in Roane Community. 
    The videos below offer a sample of what sparks our interest. 


Reaching Far and Wide - January



Missionaries to Albania

Sean & Brenda Mays
Our church family is pleased to help sponsor the Mays family who were instrumental in helping us build our facility here at Roane Community before leaving on their mission to Albania.  We solicit your prayers and contributions to this worthy project. 
Sean & Brenda Mays
Launch Date:Jan 31, 2006 

Financial Needs
The Shqiptaret project is supported entirely through the generous support of people like you. Thank you for making this outreach possible.


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