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"If it 'aint' broke...don't fix it!" 

We often hear this phrase repeated in different settings. Many accept this concept as truth; others challenge it with more pro-active deliberation.

When our communities were established it was not because of brokeness, but rather our forefathers had a strong purpose to provide for thier growing families and their wellbeing.

As an example, our communities of  Rockwood, Harriman & Kingston, here in Roane County Tennessee were built with a purpose.  Rockwood upon industry, Harriman as a planned community upon temperance, and Kingston grew as a steamboat hub. 

How do we see ourselves and our communities today? 

As members of these our communities and as Seventh-day Adventist Christians find ourselves looking for real Bible answers to these and other questions:
Is truth relevant?
What is truth?


Is "truth" relevant?

Does Media affect the brain?

Do lifestyle choiced matter?



Why pray?

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