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   Learn How To:

  • Identify depression and its causes
  • Improve your emotional intelligence
  • Enhance your energy levels and mood
  • Overcome depression through positive lifestyle choices
  • Eat for optimal brain function
  • Manage stress without distress
  • Live above loss
  • Improve brain function
  • Defeat depression through right thinking
  • Achieve peak mental performance
  • Ususally we meet for 9 consecutive evenings.
  • Request additional information or pre-register.

Enjoy a Free Vegetarian Meal


 Every 3rd Saturday @ 12:30



Roane Community Better Living Center

NEWSTART® Lifestyle Club Web BannerThis is a personal invitation to check out Roane Community Better Living Center and the foundations we are laying for effective health initiatives in Roane County Tennessee

Simply click on the NEWSTART lifestyle club banner located just to the left and enroll today.  
You will receive a monthly newsletter, information on local health education seminars, and immediate access to a free health score calculator, recipes, helpful educational video resources on important areas that affect your health such as Nutrition, Exercise, Water, Sunlight, Temperance, Air, Rest, & Trust: NEWSTART!


  Health Fair

Wildwood's 11-Day or 25-Day Lifestyle Program is perfect for anyone seeking to make serious changes in his or her life to improve health. If you have a health problem or you just want to start living more healthfully, you should strongly consider attending as a Medical Participant.