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Is time winding down?  In these two  presentations, Steve Wohlberg of White Horse Media presents and examines news media accounts of unfolding current events in light of Bible Prophecy.    We invite your comments at the very bottom of this page.


Three Angels Broadcasting Network

"I want to Spend My Life Mending Broken People"

May we suggest watching Danny Shelton's musical introduction on the clip below
and then select the link below to a "livestream" connection .Check out the schedule
and come back to view a program of interest.

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Learn more about Our Free Installation ministry.
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Christian satellite systems.

3ABN started broadcasting in 1984 when Danny Shelton
a Seventh-day Adventist layman was impressed to build
a Christian Television station. Although it "couldn't be done"
3ABN is now broadcasting around the world. .
The site has a live feed of the television and radio programming.


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