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Christ centerred radio broadcasts from one of the earliest pioneers in Christian radio. The web-site has a radio schedule for your area. with the times of the broadcasts. In the Harriman/Lenoir City area you will find the programs on  WBLC  1360 AM. 
Daily Schedule at 7:30 am , 3:00 pm ,  Sunday 1:00 pm , 4:00 pm , 4:45 pm .
      VOP Web-site
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Have you missed any of the past episotes on television?  Here is a link to the Programs' web-site that gives you access to a years worth of past episotes. This is a very long running program that was founded by Pastor George Vandeman and is currently hosted by Shawn Boonstra. The web-site contains many other features that will speak to your heart and move you to a closer walk with Christ.


THREE ANGELS BROADCASTING    (Watch on Dish Network Channel 9393 -
may require additional dish
)  Watch Now

3ABN started broadcasting in 1984 when Danny Shelton a Seventh-day Adventist layman was impressed to build a Christian Television station. Although it "couldn't be done" 3ABN is now broadcasting around the world. . The site has a live feed of the television and radio programming.



Amazing Facts

Bible studies, sermons, sabbath school lessons,  television and much more with Doug Batchelor and the Amazing Facts team.


Christian Life Media Center

Video, audio, sermonas, bible information and studies, and Much more.