Think about this:

"Know that the Lord He is God.  He has made us.  We did not make ourselves." Psalm 100:3.  "Creation is a great benevolent act.  The bringing into existence beings who can know the pleasure God knows."  This was God's purpose when He created us.

God as Creator answers questions which otherwise have no answer.  The claim that there was nothing and then that nothing went, "big bang" and then there was everything stretches our imagination in incredulous ways.  Where in human experience has such an event occurred that where nothing exists suddenly there is something that evolves into a useful object?

All accomplishments we have knowledge of are the result of, thinking, planning, and directed effort.  The claim that life accidently appeared defies logic and reason.  Where among all living things can we witness macro evolution in progress?  Where do we find a plant or living creature that no longer produces according to its original kind, but is in process of producing a new kind?  That though we cannot tell what it will become it is evident that change is occurring?   Such evidence does not exist.  Chance alone is not our origin.

O come. Let us worship and bow down. Let us kneel before the Lord our Maker. "The joy of the Lord is your strength." 




If God is not our Creator, He can have no claim on us.  If we humans came into existence by some other means, those forces will keep us going.  We do not need God.                                                        God created humans with marvelous abilities, we think, that is reason from cause to effect.  Out of our thinking we create ideas which were not previously known. Separate from animals, not controlled by instinct, God endowed us with freedom to choose.  He placed  great value on us.   No person is worthless.  

GOD  IS  CREATOR!  Our faith in Jesus Christ makes us to know this.  He does not force us.  He enables us to respond to Him in gratitude and love. That He is our Creator and giver of life means that we need a relationship with Him.  Independence from God is the source of evil and results in death.  So we read, "God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself."  Before the world was made the commitment (if needed) for God the Son to become Redeemer had been made.  Who could imagine,  who can grasp such goodness, such love?  Knowing God causes us to love Him and to worship Him. 







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